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Mike Huckabee makes a Boys Dont Cry joke

totally appropriate… very christian to make fun of people for caring… great idea… very kind thing to do… you’re not being gross at all…



AHEM… Boys Don’t Cry… is a movie about a brutal murder.

A real life, brutal murder, being used to make a joke… for political points.

How very wholesome and Christian of Mike Huckabee.


Boy’s Don’t Cry was Based on Brandon Teena’s Murder

Brandon Teena was a trans man who was raped and murdered by two male acquaintances in December 1993, when he was 21.[nb 1][8][9] Kimberly Peirce, at the time a Columbia University film student, became interested in the case after reading a 1994 Village Voice article by Donna Minkowitz.[10][11] Peirce became engrossed in Brandon’s life and death; she said, “the minute I read about Brandon, I fell in love. With the intensity of his desire to turn himself into a boy, the fact that he did it with no role models. The leap of imagination that this person took was completely overwhelming to me.”[12] The sensationalist news coverage of the case prolonged her interest.[10] Peirce said she looked beyond the brutality of the case and instead viewed the positive aspects of Brandon’s life as part of what eventually causes his death.[13] She admired Brandon’s audacity, ability to solve complicated problems, and what she perceived as the sense of fantasy invoked by his personality.[13]


I find it odd that a man who spends so much time whining and attempting to enforce his stereotypes onto others would make fun of somebody for shedding a tear.

I do not know what is in Mike Huckabee’s heart. But when I read what he writes, all I see is hateful nonsense. He speaks in nothing but stereotypes, he insults instead of engages, he seems to rely on a false wholesomeness to create a façade for his hateful words. That is all I see. And that saddens me.

It also saddens me that he doesn’t see that he’s using a movie that is supposed to show the viewer the hatred and division of the world around them… to further his hateful commentary about people who disagree with him. The lack of introspection that displays is shocking.

But hey… whatever… right?

None of this matters in the end… because all people will do is turn what is a Mike Huckabee issue… into a political us versus them issue.




I also like how Mike Huckabee still has “Gov. Mike Huckabee” as his twitter name… despite the fact that he is no longer the governor of Arkansas and hasn’t been since 2007. 10 years. Know who is the current governor? Asa Hutchinson. You’ve now learned something.

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