Minted has now created an asinine photographer on demand service…




Minted: “you’re all just overpaid button pushers, also buy our overpriced products




Minted users can pay around $100 to book a 30-minute session with a photographer on Minted’s platform, which vets its photographers to make sure they can deliver a certain level of quality. The photographers more or less have some creative freedom, but the important thing the company stresses is that they fit what the customers want. Users go through a short quiz or survey to ask what they might want as part of their photos — like what kinds of poses, or the photo effects at the end — and then it goes from there. After that, they’ll get retouched photos within a few days, as well as suggestions for things like holiday cards.



This is almost exactly like the service Snappr launched earlier and just like I said then it is just such a joke… The entire idea is premised on the thought that it is photographers overpriced and confusing services that are whats stopping consumers from utilizing their services more often.


That’s not the problem.


The problem, is that people aren’t used to booking photographers and don’t value their services very highly. After all, why pay $1000 for professional photos when you can just take some with your phone?


Snappr and Minted’s services are going nowhere and no photographer is going to be making a significant amount of money from either of them… not after expenses are properly accounted for…


In time, all of the photographers that have signed up for their services will realize that the rates may sound acceptable but simply do not provide enough to maintain gear… let alone pay for services that minted is now taking a cut of and the time it takes to edit photos.


None of this is going to work.


The problems of modern photography are not going to be solved with an app.

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