Mockingjay Part 2 is Showing and Is Probably Going to Have a Great Weekend $$$$$

So Mockingjay Part 2 is now showing in theaters and it seems that while it isn’t going to bust previous records for opening weekend ticket sales, the movie is still doing very healthy business.

Projected ticket sales for the weekend are at a little over $100 million US.
Personally, I’d be expecting to see $120 million US as the weekend ends…

And this just goes to show you though, the business of art is quite big.
Over $45 million in ticket sales for JUST the first night of showings and over $100 million expected for the first weekend… that’s astounding.

It’s astounding that we live in a world where people will collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars to engage with art…
And this is just a single movie.
There are many more movies with just as much support. Many more books. Many more tv shows.
And there are many, many, more visual artists all being supported.
I think if you ever wanted to see humanity for what it is, you can find it right here…

The Business of Art is more than business and more than art.
It’s who we all are, really.


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