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Monster Week – Serial Killer Tiger at Large

With the expansion of the tiger population, it seems natural that tiger human conflict would increase.

Our living areas are beginning to overlap more.
That a possibly injured tigress would prey on slow weak humans seems logical and straightforward. Not exactly monster like.


While I understand it’s monster week, it is strange that they portray this tiger as a ruthless silent killer. It’s really just a tiger being a tiger isn’t it. But hey, gotta make good TV right.

Perhaps the fear displayed in this show (there were constant mobs) stems from this human assumption that we’re the top of the food chain… And the sudden realization that we are not in fact the top of the food chain. We can easily become prey.

The question I walk away with here is how the hell are they certain this is the same tiger attacking people? Not once did they actually explain how they know, especially since most of the actual attacks were unconfirmed. The attacks weren’t seen. The aftermath was. Throughout the show they try to make it sound like they have all these ways of identifying the tiger… but they can’t identify it BECAUSE THEY HAVENT SEEN IT WHEN IT ACTUALLY ATTACKED PEOPLE.

And honestly, I swear nobody knows what the heck they’re doing in this show.

Anyways, the show ends without any resolution.

So, seems likes a wasted hour to me. You don’t even get to see much of the tigers.

Warning: this show contains graphic and bloody images of injured big cats

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