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Motherboard Annoys Elon Musk

poor elon musk… having to live up to everybody’s ‘he’s amazing’ expectations… and also having to deal with the most absurd of things… like why he doesn’t follow more women on twitter…


Again, since Motherboard has a ~ sans ~ comment section policy…

I’m just going to post this here! Why give Motherboard free content anyways.

Original article here:


So yeah… Because we all know that who you follow on social media is actually a profound statement about who you are as a person???

Frankly for me the absurdity of that Motherboard article comes from its vagueness. It is not clear if the article is more just a passing note ‘Elon Musk doesn’t follow women *shrug*‘, or is actually attempting to say something about who he is as a person ‘is Elon Musk sexist???

I feel Elon’s response was pretty appropriate:

I use twitter for news orgs. My Insta has same women as men. What’s up with the phoney PC police axe-grinding?


twitter is for arguing with other people and occasionally finding news… it really does not provide any kind of profound look at anybody’s soul.

And honestly…

Who a person is, how they choose to act, who they want to be… can’t be quantified by things like twitter follows and number of news quotes.

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