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Motherboard Oblivious to Why People Write

um… sooo… this is the part where i point out that i wouldn’t have to write an article if motherboard actually respected their users and allowed commenting…


Media farm coverage of #mogulfest is so fascinating because the media is reporting on those who control the direction of their careers, the lifespan of their outlets, and the future of the medium of news consumption.


It’s almost surreal that Allen & Co.’s summit is a renowned event that actually attracts important people. The Sun Valley annual conference only confirms that the media is only a living, breathing entity because ultra-powerful people have an interest in keeping it alive for their own profit.


While I can understand why somebody could find it difficult to understand why rich people gatherings / conferences even exist… I find it hard to excuse a writer from not knowing why people write.

The thought that ‘the mediaonly exists because the wealthy want it too is absolutely absurd and contrary to the entire history of art and humanity. People write not because others tell them to… but because they want to. I do not write because some ignorant old man wants, and pays, me to. I write regardless of compensation because I feel it is the right thing for me to do.


Now for an example of those big powerful people who supposedly control the media we could take Jeff Bezos of…

As you probably know Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos, in a sense, kept the Washington Post alive. Now do you honestly think Jeff did that because he wanted to make a profit…. an immediate big fat profit at an ailing company that has lost traction in the modern world? Or do you think it’s more likely that Jeff Bezos simply had ideas about how news / reporting should be done burning in his heart and mind? I’m inclined to believe that Jeff Bezos simply had ideas and one day realized that he had the resources to try them out… I do not honestly see much of a profit motive.

If you want to talk profit motive than we should probably talk Viacom, Murdoch, and others like CBS. But those are massive subject that would do better in other articles…

This is honestly only a short comment turned into a post because Motherboard doesn’t allow comments anymore!


And honestly, I feel this article is weird enough that I feel Motherboard saw some kind of ‘trending topic – Sun Valley‘ analytics and then wrote a listless article for traffic.

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