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New and Coming Up on Netflix

eh, what’s up doc?

So, I rarely get Netflix emails.

So when I got a ‘what’s new’ email from them I couldn’t help but hope to win big… I mean it really is like the lottery… sometimes you luck out and Netflix adds exactly what you’ve been wanting to watch.

Screenshot of a Netflix marketing email featuring three recently added movies: “The Do Over”, “Bloodline”, and “Hotel Transylvania 2”.

But sometimes, they don’t add anything you’d want to watch. I guess to continue the metaphor… just like with the lottery, sometimes you lose.

Yeah those titles are pretty weak Netflix.

Just… no.


But then at the bottom of the email!

Screenshot of a Netflix marketing email featuring three soon to be added TV shows and movies: “Marco Polo”, “Gladiator”, and “Orange is the New Black”.

It’s like getting $50 on a lotto scratcher!

A new season of Orange is the New Black and that trashy yet fun film Gladiator?

Neato! Everybody is going to be a winner here.


This has been a brief note on the random luck of life…

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