New Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors


Since Holbein of Japan doesn’t seem to update their website (since about 2008 it seems???) I just thought I’d give everybody a heads up and add the information to the interwebs myself…


A List of New Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors

All of the following new Holbein colors are available in both 20ml and 40ml tubes…

  1. Anthraquinone Red 
  2. Bismuth Yellow 
  3. Cobalt Turquoise Deep 
  4. Imidazolone Brown 
  5. Imidazolone Yellow 
  6. Indanthrene Blue 
  7. Isoindolinone Yellow 
  8. Nickel Yellow Azo 
  9. Perylene Green 
  10. Phthalo Blue 
  11. Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) 
  12. Polyazo Yellow 
  13. Pyrrole Orange 
  14. Pyrrole Orange Transparent 
  15. Pyrrole Red 
  16. Pyrrole Red Transparent 
  17. Pyrrole Rubin Transparent 
  18. Quinacridone Opera 
  19. Quniacridone Violet 
  20. Quinophthalone Yellow 
  21. Terre Verte Opaque 
  22. Transparent Brown Oxide 
  23. Transparent Gold Oxide 
  24. Transparent Red Oxide 


Some of the new colors are a little surprising honestly…

I mean really, Holbein didn’t have Phthalo blue before now? Phthalo blue is one of the most manufactured pigments in the world and is commonly used in all kinds of paints.

The Quinacridone and Pyrrole pigmented colors aren’t as common as phthalo pigments… but they are still common enough among artists’ paint lines that I would’ve thought they’d have it before now.

Where to Buy Holbein Oil Paint

You can currently find Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors at Utrecht, Dick Blick, and Jerry’s Artarama. However, it should be noted that while Jerry’s Artarama offers Holbein’s colors consistently… they have not at the time of my writing (1/7/2017) posted any of the 24 new colors for sale on their website.


About Holbein and Related Companies

With head offices in Osaka Japan, the company was formed just before the turn of the last century, and took the name of the much revered European artist Hans Holbein in the 1930’s. From that time, Holbein’s presence has been significant, not only in Southeast Asia, but also in North America, Australia and Europe.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional artists’ materials, Holbein Artist Materials, the trading company, and Holbein Works, the color factory collectively employ 210 people, including 5 color chemists. In addition, Holbein has 40 subsidiary and associate companies manufacturing everything from framing material and manikins to quality metal and porcelain accessories, paper products, and etching presses.

Holbein color chemists, using only the finest pigments available, have achieved the highest standards of quality control in the industry, working to precise standards at each stage of the manufacturing process. The result is unerring consistency from production run to production run.

Holbein is unique in the art material trade because they do not produce any entry level/student quality color products. Each of the 16 artists’ grade color lines is adapted to meet the special requirements of the professional/serious artists with permanence, brilliance, and technique in mind. Indeed, the full range of Holbein color products offer unique characteristics which set them apart from all competitive lines regardless of origin.

Source: HK Holbein, the North American agent company of Holbein of Japan,



Update (1/9/2017) – Holbein Oil Paint Swatches

I thought I’d add these screenshots so you could see what the actual paint looks like… as I mentioned earlier you can buy Holbein’s new colors at


This is the part where I mention that I am in no way affiliated with any art supplies or photography company. I do not get paid by them, I do not get free product, I’m just trying to be helpful.

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