Nikon’s New Full Frame Camera Size / Teasers Continued

The last time I talked about Nikon’s new mirrorless camera I had a think on the abstract effect on society this relatively new “teaser” advertising phenomenon has had on society.

Prior to that, I talked about how the sensor size of the new Nikon cameras will be relatively the same as all of the other full frame mirrorless cameras on the market. But what would be different, is the actual mount. I get the impression that it is Nikon’s new mount that will be new, interesting, and technically larger. I speculated that the mount could be built with different imaging sensor sizes in mind… allowing you to use the same lens series across multiple imaging sensor sizes and Nikon bodies.

Well, that’s just another abstract thought… an interesting one, but Nikon hasn’t really clarified the matter just yet.

They did seemingly continue their teaser campaign… by, I’m guessing, leaking images to a well known Japanese language photography rumor website.

Source: Nokishita

As you can see, the mount seemingly has room for a larger sensor. Overall the camera bodies look like mutant offspring of both fujifilms medium format camera, their APS-C camera bodies, and Sony’s full frame A7 series camera bodies.

Big mount, full frame sensor, small OLED panel on top of body, flush dial on right of body, selector dial on top left of body, and smoothed but triangular hot-shoe.

So what’s revolutionary here about Nikon’s new cameras?

Seemingly nothing!

Except the one thing that has not been fully explained yet.

The actual, physical, mount on the new bodies.

I think that’s going to be the surprising bit in the upcoming few days of announcements.

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