Nikon’s Z Lens Weirdness Continued –

As I previously mentioned, there’s some weirdness in today’s Nikon announcements. The 58mm f/0.95 lens doesn’t seem to have even entered into the manufacturing phase and is a marketing gimmick.

The marketing gimmick that is the 58mm f/0.95

But the weirdness does not stop there.

The lens road-map Nikon released, seemingly in an attempt to keep people positive about the new Z series, has some oddities.

For one thing, there are NO telephoto lenses planned for the next two years… with the only one being the 70-200mm zoom which we both know will cost an absolute fortune.

For another, there are only 12 listed lenses for release over a THREE YEAR period. 12 lenses, for three years. At most, there will be 15 lenses in those three years. 

Another thing to remember is that the roadmap IS NOT about when you’ll be able to get the lens in your hands but rather when Nikon will announce it. There’s a big difference.

Especially when you consider these are new lenses, for a new mount, and could easily get delayed. So for the next FOUR YEARS you may only have 12 lenses available for you to order.

And in 2021 there are 8 spots for lenses.

Meaning that under the best case scenario, the Z mount system will have 23 lenses available for purchase in 2021.


We live in a society hyper focused on the present moment… what makes anyone think that the majority of consumers are patient enough to wait until 2021 for the Z system to just begin to be fleshed out.

That is just odd planning on Nikon’s part.

Frankly I can’t help but think that an initial surge of low volume specialty lenses paired with cheap high volume lenses like a 50mm f/1.8 would’ve been much more effective.

All of this means that a huge burden has been placed on a single little bit of equipment… the Nikon mount adapter.

The only way that people will tolerate the Z mount system is if that lens adapter works flawlessly with Nikon’s other lenses. It’s the same predicament Sony had… but Sony made their mount information available to other manufacturers and made their bodies with other company’s lenses in mind.

We don’t yet know if the Z mount system will be as friendly to other manufacturer’s lenses or adapters…

It is simply weird that Nikon has not already worked on this and released more lenses / data about the Z mount system’s future.

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  1. That is ridiculous. There are over 200 lenses in the Sony e mount system and Nikon thinks a pitiful number of z lenses is going to convince people to join their PROPRIETARY mirrorless system??? No 3rd party??? Just expensive Nikon??? RidufRidic

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