Nothing really matters…


Trump may very well build his wall.

It’ll only take a few years to put up.

But it’ll take decades to take down.



You know, I may die before ever seeing the American people go back to respecting their neighbors. Thanks to Donald Trump.

People are turning their backs on something that is a foundational part of being American… a respect for those we live with… in the name of being American.

Nothing really matters.



People have elected a man who stands against virtually every single one of our constitutional rights… Who speaks like a dictator and acts like a child.

Nothing is more against the culture of America.

Nothing really matters.



I am not a political person. I do not play political games… It is not ‘my team versus your team’. That is not who I am as a person.

But nothing is more offensive to me than a man who brags about assaulting individuals. That is so wildly un-American, it is such an affront to individuality and human dignity, that I have never been more offended by my fellow Americans than I am right now.

I guess nothing really matters.

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