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Old Holland Violet Grey Alternatives


Old Holland Oil Paints – Violet Grey


Price per ml of Violet Grey @ Dick Blick

40ml tube @ $16 = 40 cents per ml

125ml tube @ $45 = 36 cents per ml (saving 10% over 40ml tube)

225ml tube at $75 = 33 cents per ml (saving 17.5% over the 40ml tube)

You can purchase Old Holland Violet Grey here:

Alternatives to Old Holland

Kind of like Old Holland’s violet grey… but not. One or two tones more towards a blue rather than a grey. Sadly Charvin paints aren’t really cheaper than Old Holland. Charvin’s 60ml tube is nearly the same price as Old Holland’s 40ml tube on an ml basis.

You can find Charvin Provence Blue here:


Sennelier’s Kings Blue seems fairly close, but not as pigment heavy. You might be able to add a little grey to it to make it match more closely.

It costs $9 compared to $16 for Old Holland’s Violet Grey.

You can find Sennelier's Kings Blue here:

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