When to Order Art Supplies

when’s the best time to order art supplies? all day everyday. just kidding. kind of.


So! Let me inform you of a thing…

Ordering from art supplies websites on the weekend is generally a fools game.
Art supplies websites generally discontinue any coupons they have at the end of Friday so that there are no discounts on Saturday or Sunday. In general the best they’ll offer you is free shipping.




If you wait till the work week, Monday through Friday, you can get discounts of about 20% PLUS free shipping.


And if you hold off for a big holiday like Christmas, Black Friday / Cyber Monday / and even things like St Patrick’s day (if I remember right) you can snag yourself a coupon for 30% off.


So just go take a look at JerrysArtarama, Utrecht, and Dick Blick every now and then and you’ll understand what I mean… Coupons good, weekends bad.


Update – A Coupon Example (12/19/2016)

As you can see, a weekly coupon from DickBlick.com get’s you an extra 5% off for the same sized order and gets you 15% for a much smaller order… this is generally how it goes.

The terms change… but the weekly coupons almost always have better deals than the weekend ones.


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