Paldea Evolved – Great Prices for a Great Set at TikTok

Paldea Evolved… a great set and a great investment? Maybe. Probably. Who’s to say.

With TikTok’s recent coupons, you can now get Paldea Evolved booster boxes for as low as $80. That’s $25 less than the TCGPlayer price. It’s just about the same at Ebay, costing $25 more than the TikTok deal.

That puts TikTok at the top for best places to buy Pokemon booster boxes which is surprising considering it’s a platform for asinine videos.

Anyway, Paldea Evolved may be one of the most underrated sets in the Scarlet & Violet era. With numerous quality cards and some chase cards its future value seems guaranteed… except for the fact that it’s not all that old and will probably get a reprint, driving down prices overall.

It’ll be interesting to see how Paldea Evolved does in the short term!

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