More Panasonic Telephoto Lenses Coming Soon

probably… maybe…


Here’s some more speculation for you…


There are more Panasonic super telephoto lenses coming for the micro four thirds system.


Why do I say that?

Because Panasonic’s recently introduced MFT 1.4x and 2x teleconverters alongside their new Elmarit 200mm lens. Currently the Elmarit 200mm lens is the only lens compatible with the converters and comes packaged with the 1.4x extender.


And just like with Sony’s E mount teleconverters, it’s pretty expensive to only manufacture teleconverters for a single lens. Teleconverters becomes more like a toy when they’re only compatible with a lens or two.

more compatible lenses = higher teleconverter sales volume


There’s got to be more telephotos coming in the next year or two… maybe a 150mm and / or a 300mm?

With the micro four third’s angle of view (2x) that would round out Panasonic’s telephoto line…

150mm MFT which is the equivalent of a 300mm Canon or Nikon prime.

Elmarit 200mm MFT, equivalent of 400mm Canon or Nikon prime.

300mm MFT, equivalent of a 600mm Canon or Nikon prime.


Olympus already makes a 300mm prime lens but I wouldn’t be surprised if Panasonic did as well. Both company’s micro four thirds super telephoto offerings are pretty weak and I can’t help but think they’re seeing people clamoring for more Sony E mount telephoto lenses and going ‘that could be us‘…


Who knows… maybe the micro four thirds system will now be targeted towards the wildlife / nature photographers that Sony is taking forever to make lenses for…

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  1. Panasonic is releasing a 100-400mm equivalent lens soon (50-200mm) and I bet anything it’ll work with their teleconverters.

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