Photography Scams and the Amazon dot com Continued


Okay… so… *sigh*


Order of events:

  1. A YouTuber purchases a very expensive camera
  2. Camera comes in a sealed box
  3. Opens box, finds rocks
  4. Gets tiny compensation from Amazon and a new camera sent
  5. Opens box, finds bricks


And this is why I feel avoiding Amazon dot com when it comes to photography equipment is the best thing you can do for yourself.


From counterfeit lens filters to lens shipping scams Amazon is the wild west of photography gear and you’ll never end up on top. Adorama and B&H are both vastly better when it comes to photography gear… because you know… they’re not incompetent behemoths who mouth the words “care” and “safe” but end up pushing third-party sellers who are gaming the system all for that sweet sweet commission $$$.


And on a side note, Amazon in its sad attempts to stop fraud has made it incredibly hard for real sellers to use their selling services while not deterring scammers. You’ll find endless pages of small Amazon sellers constantly being harassed and ignored by Amazon. Amazon’s employees aren’t even aware that the United States does not issue national ID cards…


If they can’t even get basic facts right I have no idea why anybody thinks Amazon will be capable of doing something like safely unlocking people’s doors and letting strangers in.

2 thoughts on “Photography Scams and the Amazon dot com Continued”

  1. Honestly I get the impression that people just aren’t going to get how arrogant and incompetent companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook actually are until they’re the ones getting crapped on…

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