Purple Sunflower Seed Scam on the Amazon dot Com

Oh to be Amazon… a behemoth, so large that they can’t even see what’s happening right in front of them. I suppose if any of us were that rich and had that big of a business we’d have problems too… but whatever.

It’s time to talk flower seeds!
And not the fun things about them!
The bad scammy things!

Right… yes… purple sunflower seeds from “WANCHEN” for a dollar. 

Ahem… So first off, if you look closely you can see that the stem of the sunflower and the leaves are not the correct colors. That’s because it seems that whoever uploaded this picture first put a filter to change the color.

I’m betting the “purple” sunflower is either a normal red or yellow sunflower.

So there’s red flag number one!

Received an empty envelope. After waiting 5 weeks for these seeds, all I received was a slip of paper. Do not purchase these seeds.


Red flag number two is… well, alarming. 

I am not exactly familiar with this kind of Amazon scam where a seller sends an empty package to a customer for a very small purchase.

There’s a similar strategy where scammers will take a very expensive product’s packaging (like the box of a professional digital camera) and fill it with bricks or rocks. It ships out, they then get the several thousand plus dollars, while Amazon thinks the order has been fulfilled. The customer is completely screwed over, the scammers run.

So many issues with the seeds, first was charged 10$ more then posted price what ever Amazon helped with that, finally received my seeds to have each and everyone of them CRUSHED not a single seed can be planted


If you go and visit WANCHEN’s Amazon seller page you’ll see that all of the products they sell are “rare” odd colored plants and they all seem to be fake… they seem to be normal colored plants with the pictures edited to look a special color.

You’ll also see that all of their products have horrible reviews punctuated by what looks like fake, paid for, reviews.

Below is a review for WANCHEN’s “10 pcs Blue Exotic Insectivorous Plant Seed Succulents Dionaea Muscipula Bonsai Seed Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous Plants easy grow

you get one star because only one seed is finally growing. and i’m still not sure what’s growing is what I purchased. it is still too small to tell what it is. pictures will be forth coming.


This follows the same pattern as with the purple sunflower seeds.

The seller sends crappy, seemingly random, fake “rare” seeds from China to US customers. I suppose when your product costs you almost nothing a $10 order actually ends up making you a lot of money.

Ultimately, I highly suggest you do not order any of the seeds labeled as by WANCHEN. That is what you’ll see right under the title on Amazon.

You then need to be careful and look for the “Ships from and Sold by” section near the price!

Under it you’ll find the name of an Amazon seller like RuiLI’ s Shop or Dominiquer. Neither of them are reputable and have absolutely horrible Amazon reviews.

I again suggest you don’t buy anything from RuiLi or Dominiquer or any seed product labeled as WANCHEN.

Y’all need to be careful! Amazon is not always a safe place to buy things!

Alternative Place to buy Colored Sunflowers!

Instead of purchasing colorful sunflowers from suspicious Amazon sellers you can purchase sunflower seeds from Eden Brother’s!

Eden Brother’s is a very well regarded seller of seeds and have a nice selection of colorful sunflowers that actually exist!

You can look at Eden Brother’s sunflower seed section by clicking here: https://www.edenbrothers.com/store/sunflower_seeds.html

Their pricing isn’t exactly cheap but it isn’t exactly expensive either. Packets generally cost $2.95 or $3.50 with larger quantities being significantly discounted. Personally I’d go for an ounce or quarter pound seed package instead since they offer much better value than the packets. 

Regardless, Eden Brother’s is vastly better than purchasing seeds from random scammy Amazon sellers.

As a reminder, I am not compensated for these posts in any way and do not have a business relationship with either Amazon or Eden Brothers. I also do not know 100% that the Amazon sellers mentioned are explicit scams, all I know is their behavior is incredibly suspicious and genuinely looks like a scam.

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  1. Thank you for this review every comment you have said has a lot of truth to it .I have bought these seeds and have a guess these purple and red sunflowers seeds u are talking about come out yellow .now I have researched coloured sunflowers and you do not get bright red or a purple looking like that in pictures they show you yes I do agree dearly this is a scam

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