A Real Deal on a Sony DSLR

black friday and cyber monday aren’t even here and you can already get a steal on Sony gear…


So this is crazy… buy me maybe?


B&H has the Sony a7 camera for only $800… $800… that is insane.


The a7 camera has a full frame imaging sensor, 24 mp, and the software has now been updated since its introduction… making the camera even better than at launch.


I’m not sure anybody could’ve seen this development… if you had said that you could get a very capable full frame camera for only $800 5 years ago people would’ve said you were an idiot and that it makes no sense for a full frame to retail at such a low price.


If you want a starter camera you absolutely should consider snagging the a7 at this price… you will be able to purchase a full frame camera and a fancy lens for less than a Nikon or Canon full frame body sells for.


This is a genuine deal that is probably better than any of the fake deals websites will push on you during black friday and cyber monday.


As an FYI... that is not an affiliate link and I am in no way compensated for this by Sony or B&H.

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  1. As a side note… the previous lowest price you could get the a7 brand new for was $900… this is *another* $100 off.

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