Reuters & Twitter – Inappropriate Ads R Us

Don’t you think it’s a little absurd that asinine advertisements over serious news?

Death! Destruction! Horror! But first, watch our ads

I understand that anyone who uses advertising networks has very little control over the ads that are displayed, I’m sure inappropriate ads have been displayed on my own site, but does that make it okay? Something we should ignore because ‘that’s just the way it is‘?

Shouldn’t website owners, writers, apps, be taking a hand in the ads displayed?

Wouldn’t it be beneficial if everyone could start tailoring the advertisements, sponsorships, whatever… to the content they just created?

Just from an aesthetic standpoint we’d all probably be happier.

But there’d also be the potential to really benefit your readers / users by going out there and selecting a helpful advertisement / discount to match what you’re writing on.

I don’t know…

It just all seems so dumb and inappropriate.

The way we do things just seems so lazy and hurtful and it’s weird no one is bothering to have a big think on this stuff.

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