The selfie taken by Richard Prince from Doe Deere's Instagram

That Richard Prince Guy (Again)

a dill weed of generous proportions may finally have to stop being such a big dill weed…



The wheels of America’s justice system turn slowly indeed…


Want an example? Here we are in 2017 talking about a court case from 2015. A court case involving Richard Prince.

Yes, that Richard Prince.


This Richard Prince…

In 2014, Mr. Prince presented an installation called “New Portraits” at the Gagosian Gallery, in which he printed various Instagram photos on large canvases, and added his own Instagram-style comments below them. The show led to a backlash, including from the photographer Donald Graham, whose photo “Rastafarian Smoking a Joint” was featured via a print from another user’s Instagram account. Mr. Graham first filed a cease-and-desist order against Mr. Prince, and then a lawsuit in 2015.

…United States District Judge Sidney H. Stein challenged that premise, writing: “The primary image in both works is the photograph itself. Prince has not materially altered the composition, presentation, scale, color palette and media originally used by Graham.

The lawsuit will serve as a follow-up to a case brought against Mr. Prince by Patrick Cariou, whose photos of Rastafarians were used by Mr. Prince in collages and paintings. The United States Court of Appeals decided largely in favor of Mr. Prince, but left an ambiguous precedent for determining fair use. Four other lawsuits have been filed by other photographers whose work was used in “New Portraits.”

Mr. Prince responded on Twitter: “Phony fraud photographers keep mooching me. Why? I changed the game,” he wrote on Wednesday. His Instagram account, which previously had over 70,000 followers, is currently disabled.


Richard Prince, as you know, is a next level dill weed who really doesn’t seem to do much except take other people’s things, charge tens of thousands of dollars for them, and laugh about it.

Frankly, what’s most shocking about the entire persona of Richard Prince is the persona people are buying into… people are literally buying artwork that they know was made by somebody else… that they know was barely altered by Prince. How a person could feel that is okay boggles my mind a bit.

But hey, why support the people making the actual artworks when you can buy into the persona of a person ripping off the artwork and maybe resell it for big bucks later $$$.

In other words ‘I matter, I deserve money, I don’t need to care‘.

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