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River Monsters: Death Down Under


What the heck did I just see…

So on tonight’s episode of the new season of River Monsters: Mysteries of the Ocean, Death Down Under, Jeremy visited Australia.

And what did he do in Australia?

Well we first start off with Jeremy’s little itty bitty inflatable boat getting bitten by a large Tiger shark. I have no idea why they thought “hey we’re going after some big sharks lets just use this itty bitty boat”……… like who thought that was the best of ideas.

But the fun didn’t stop there….. THEN, Jeremy goes off and finds some poor fellow who got stranded on a desert island. What are the chances of that???

AND THEN… the fun continued. With Jeremy rubbing his finger red raw while trying to reel in a grouper. Upon actually catching another grouper, Jeremy then gets bitten by the grouper and his hand gets caught on a hook.

THEN…….. yes, there’s more… Then Jeremy gets stung by a box jellyfish.

Oh, and he also picks up a rockfish bare handed and then impaled a flip-flop on the rockfish’s spike.

Holy… wow… this episode was a wild ride.

Honestly I can now say Animal Planet was not joking (for once) when it said we were going to see things we’ve never seen before in the new season of River Monsters.

They were all oddly beautiful creatures though and I’m glad I got to see them… even if that entailed a wild ride of “who thought this was a good idea???” moments.

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