Image of George Clooney as the actor Baird Whitlock in the movie Hail, Caesar!

Russia Indignant, Says Coen Brothers Are Capitalist Mouthpiece

The Russian Assistant to the Director of the Ministry of Film (The Ministry of Film of course is a sub ministry of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture of course being the cousin of the Ministry of Propaganda twice removed) has issued a statement condemning the Coen Brother’s “fanciful and facetious” telling of a Russian sub parked off the coast of California helping a big time actor escape to the Soviet Union in their most recent film Hail, Caesar!


Excerpt of Ministry of Film Statement (translated to English)

The Soviet Union has never interfered in the internal affairs of the Capitalist American Pigs nor has the Soviet Union ever bothered to send a sub to the coast of the decadent wasteland of Californy. The Coen Brother’s have created a complete fiction to glorify the American pigs and their decadent movies and further deceive the American people. The Coen’s are complicit in a plot to dethrone Emperor Putin using old communist tactic of introducing ideology into media…

…Hail, Caesar! is a slander on the Russian people and should be removed from the cinemas and interwebs…


The Russian government of course is still looking for the manila file containing their sense of humor that mysteriously went missing in the year 2000.




* This post is purely satirical in nature, it'd be funny if they really did get upset though *

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