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Shark Week 2016 – A Roundup

sharks….. in the water….. ahhhh!!!

The Killing Games (Aired: 7/3/2016)

Dr Jonathan werry and Andy cadsgrande travel to south Australia to research a new great white hunting strategy: leaving the water and snatching seals from the shore


Sharksanity 3 (Aired: 7/2/2016)

A review of the greatest moments from shark week 20!6 and the top picks for the best in shark weeks history


Shark Bait (Aired: 7/1/2016)

Dr Greg skomal and his team investigate the presence of great white sharks in the waters off cape cod, how they got there, and how they discovered the abundance of seals in the area.


Blue Serengeti (Aired: 7/1/2016)

Shark Expert Barbara block uses breakthrough camera and tracking technology to offer a glimpse into the world of white sharks and their prey


Isle of Jaws 7/1/2016

Andy Casagrande and Dr Jonathan Werry work togewther ti solve the mystery surrounding where the great whites mate and where they have their young.


Jungle Shark 6/30/2016

Drt Craig OConnell and Andy Casagrande travel up the serena river in costa rica to investigate why young bull sharl travel up the river and how they avoid predation by the crocodiles inhabiting it


Nuclear Sharks 6/30/2016

When Philippe Cousteau and his wife travel to the Bikini Atoll, a marine enviroment destroyed by nuclear testing during the cold war, they discover that it has been mysteriously repopulated with non migratory reef sharks


Tiger Beach: Sharkopedia Edition 6/30/2016

A look at how tiger sharks mate and where the females give birth; a shallow beach in the Bahamas provides answers.


Sharks Among Us 6/30/2016

Dr Craig OConnell believes he has developed a system that allows sharks and humans to coexist, despite public anxiety and growing numbers of shark encounters.


Shark Planet 6/30/2016 (First aired 2015)

Exploring more than 13 shark species around the globe, higlighting sgark behavior and delving into how they hunt and their social lives.


Sharks vs Dolphins: Face Off 6/29/2016

Dr Mike Heithaus and his team provide research on the hostile and dangerous relationship between two masters of the sea: sharks and dolphins.


Deadliest Sharks 6/29/2016

Dr Michael Domeier and Dr Barry Bruce go looking for rare oceaninc whitetip sharks to see if tge soecies deserve the reputation as the world’s deadliest shark.


Shallow Water Invasion 6/29/2016

Using a self propelled shark cage called the explorer, marine biologists Mauricio Hoyos and Grant Johnoson investigate great whites that move into shallow waters at night.


Return of the Monster Mako 6/29/2016

Professional shark tagger Keith Poe and marine biologists Greg Stuntz, Matt Ajemain and their team use stae of the art technology to document live predation of a 1000 pound mako shark


Sharks of the Shadowland 6/29/2016 aired 2015

Divers in New Zealand tag a sevengill shark for the first time; a team of shark experts tries to find out more about sevengills’ behavior and how they hunt.


Jaws of the Deep 6/28/2016

Marine bilogist Greg Skomal and the REMUS sharkcam team return to guadalupe to find the worlds largest great white shark, Deep Blue, with the help of two robot subs.


Air Jaws: Night Stalker 6/28/2016

Shark photograpgher Chris Fallows, shark expert Jeff Kurr and shark biologist Neil Hammerschlag investigate how great whit sharks are able to hunt in complete darkness; narrated by Lena Headey


Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer 6/28/2016

Shark expert Ralph Collier and Vrandon McMillian investigate why great white sharks are travelling so far north to take uo residence in the pacific northwest.


Jaws of the Deep: 6/28/2016

The worlds largest great white shark is hiding somewhere in the waters off Guadelupe and the sharkcam team sets out to study her, but the hunter becomes the orey when the submarine is attacked


Super Predator 6/28/2016 2015

Exploring a deep sea trench in New Zealand, home to a super predator large enough to take on a great white shark.


Alien Sharks: Close Encounter 6/28/2016 2015

Sceintist Paul Clerkin uses new technologies to examine unexplored oceans and get close to some of the most unusual shark on the planet.


Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss 6/28/2016 2014

Shark researchers investigate species that have yet to be filmed as well as a sighting of the ghost shark.


Alien Sharks 6/28/2016 2013

Scientists explore the deepest oceans to search for more incredible species of sharks, including the goblin shark and the giant megamouth shark.

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