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Shark Week 2016 Started Early

Woman bitten by shark in Boca Raton

A 23-year-old woman was bitten on the arm by a small nurse shark Sunday afternoon at Red Reef Park in Boca Raton, a fire rescue spokesman said.

Firefighters found the woman about 1:20 p.m. at Lifeguard Tower 8 at 1400 N. Ocean Blvd. with the 2-foot nurse shark still attached to her right arm, fire-rescue spokesman Bob Lemons said. A bystander at the beach killed the shark before they arrived.

Fire rescue: Woman bitten by shark in Boca Raton photo
A small nurse shark is attached to a woman’s arm at a beach in Boca Raton. (Courtesy Boca Raton Fire Rescue)
The woman, whose name was not released, was taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital with the shark still attached to her arm, Lemons said.


Not to make light of her injury…

But she’s going to be on a Shark Week documentary and we all know it.

No TV producer can resist ‘shark bites woman and is still stuck on arm’.

Hopefully what Discovery will pay her will be more than enough to cover the cost of her stitches.


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