Sigma is Stepping Up Their Odd But Beautiful Lens Game

the heck is happening…


Apparently Sigma is not only planning to release a 105mm f/1.4 lens but also a 70mm f/2.8 macro lens…



Both lenses are odd focal lengths and I suspect both lenses must have some kind of trick up their sleeve… perhaps incredible contrast or sharpness or reduced weight… You don’t really choose focal lengths like that unless your optical formula is giving you something neat.


What these lenses are good for, their pricing, their full specs aren’t known just yet and I’m guessing that’s how Sigma would like it. This feels like a marketing department teasing enthusiasts with intriguing tidbits.


This is the first time in quite awhile where I’m genuinely curious about new lenses and not just ‘huh that’s nice‘.

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, and Tamron haven’t really released anything spectacular recently. They’ve mostly been very nice additions and updates to existing lenses. Think of Sony’s upcoming 400mm lens or Tamron’s and Sigma’s small form factor 100-400mml lenses. They’re all new and useful and nice… but they aren’t new in the revolutionary or exciting sense.




Rumors rumors and more rumors… 


2 thoughts on “Sigma is Stepping Up Their Odd But Beautiful Lens Game”

  1. My favorite thing is how people are already complaining about the lenses… they don’t even know what the specs are or what Sigma has designed the lenses to do but they’re already endlessly whining… I mean my god, can’t anybody just shut their mouths for five seconds and not spout off about how it’s a horrible decision to not include IS??? You’re not a lens designer Scott.

  2. Tamron and sigma both seem to be introducing focal length equivalents of Nikon’s lenses. 70-210mm and 105mm are both rare in Canon / Sony mounts but more common in Nikon’s mount.

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