Sigma’s 5 New Lenses are as Expected

All in all, everything is exactly as everyone expected…

The two new sports lenses, the 60-600mm and 70-200mm, are both just as heavy as everyone feared! 

The 60-600mm weighs SIX POUNDS and will cost $2000… yikes…

The 70-200mm weigh four pounds and the price hasn’t been announced yet.

The 56mm (85mm APS-C equivalent) is solely for mirrorless cameras as I guessed earlier. It’ll be available for micro four thirds and Sony E mount. The 56mm weighs an absolutely minuscule three quarters of a pound and looks like it’ll be a very sharp lens with falloff only occurring near the edges. Pricing not know yet. I’m betting around $500.

The 40mm and 28mm look to both be superb lenses…

Pricing hasn’t been announced for either of them yet, the 28mm doesn’t have a final weight yet, and the 40mm weighs in at over two and a half pounds.

I’d expect both to be $1000+ lenses.

So yeah… it’s exciting that we’re getting new lenses but at the same time there’s nothing all that surprising here.

Heavy, optically superb, and moderately expensive.

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