Sigma’s new Cine Lenses!

Well, Sigma has released three new lenses for video applications! So that’s fun…

The 28mm T/1.5 will be released sometime in 2019, the 40mm T/1.5 will be released near the end of 2018 (I’d assume first week of December), and the 105mm T/1.5 will be available in October 2018. All three lenses will be available in Canon EF, PL, and Sony E mounts.

The last is unsurprising since the 105mm Art series lens is currently in production and I’m assuming the Cine and Art versions actually use the same optical formula.

Personally, I feel the 105mm is probably the most exciting of the lot.

Considering how wonderful the Art series version of the 105mm lens is turning out, I can’t help but think that the 105mm T/1.5 will eventually become a niche classic.

People wont know it’s the 105mm lens that makes their videos looks so dang good, but we’ll know.

I mean my god, with a modern sensor like the one coming on the a7S III and a T value of 1.5 all of these lenses will enable high quality low light video like we have never seen before. Nice, smooth, non grainy, video after right after sunset will be possible. 

Of course all three lenses will cost a fortune and Sigma is just announcing them and not yet shipping them… So I guess nobody get too excited.

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