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Skynet is Here – Cyber Warfare

this week on Skynet is Here!


Well, we’re officially at the point where we can do weekly Skynet is Here! posts… which is kind of sad…


So to business… Skynet is Here and it’s in an EW (electronic warfare) pod! And in every network the military has! Oh also in the missiles!


AFA: The Air Force wants artificial intelligence to track and react to cyber and electronic threats, to update countermeasures against enemy hackers, radars, and missiles faster than human minds can manage.

“It’s hard to do things at scale across a fragmented set of networks (that) grew up over decades as separately managed, separately architected networks,” said Lt. Gen. Kevin McLaughlin

“The two things we seek from automation are speed and scale,” said Maj. Gen. Christopher Weggeman, commander of 24th Air Force and Air Forces Cyber. Computers already rely on automated updates to patch vulnerabilities — although that’s hard to do across the current, fragmented DoD network. A future cybersecurity AI could do more, recognizing a threat already inside the network and automatically rerouting traffic around the infected computers, for example.


Here we go!

The literal Skynet has finally begun its grand entrance into the real world!

And it’s not the ‘Skynet’ of drone aircraft or Artificial Intelligence enabled tanks using cities as target practice… but the literal software Skynet from the Terminator series that was used to integrate disparate military systems and react to ‘threats’ faster than any human ever could.

Because you see… it’s okay to put Skynet in shit when it doesn’t have a literal gun pointed at people’s head… so safe!

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While using AI for cyber security seems pretty straightforward, with what they described in the article being more along the lines of an adaptive antivirus program, it’s everything else that they want to put AI into that makes the whole idea absurd and very Skynet-ish.

It should be pretty easy for you to see why giving an AI program control of both all of the military’s networks and missiles is a stupid idea.

Do I really need to explain any of this?


Prepare to bow down before your artificial life-form overlords you puny soft meat sack humans!!!

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