Sony’s 400mm f/2.8 Price Tag




So it seems that I was in the ballpark when it comes to the price of Sony’s new G Master 400mm f/2.8 lens.


I mean for God’s sake, Sony is also planning to sell a 400mm f/2.8… The Canon version costs $10,000. What’s Sony going to do!? Charge $14,000????

Because that’s the current price premium Sony demands for its 70 – 200mm f/2.8 compared to Canon’s equivalent lens… 37%. (Canon’s $1900 – Sony’s $2600)



My guess was that the 400mm f/2.8 would end up in the $14,000 – $15,000 range and considering the pricing for Sony’s 400mm is “10,000+++” I’d assume it’s significantly higher than the $10,000 number.


I mean this is Sony after all.


And you should also keep in mind that companies will float a price point before actually making a firm decision to see how the public reacts… interestingly it never seems to result in a lower price, companies just won’t raise the price as much if the public is completely enraged.


I think it’s safe for us all to assume that Sony’s 400mm lens will be wonderful optically but a complete tragedy price wise.


lol now we just have to wait another decade for Sony to make a value 400mm lens…



As a side note…

It’s also kind of interesting to think about the fact that there probably won’t be any truly new technology in Sony’s 400mm lens… and that it’ll probably be just as good and not better than Nikon and Canon’s 400mm lenses… they all already push the envelope of performance and because of their size are inherently built well.

Unless Sony has a some technology we haven’t heard about what on earth could they do that would be exceptional?

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