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Star Trek Streamers


Star Trek Streamers is a series of short articles where I am going to go through each episode of every Star Trek TV series known to man.

I wont be doing them in order because I don’t care that much, so if you’re just now joining me there might be more episodes to explore on Pink Ink.

Just search Star Trek, STS, or look under the Sci Fi category.


Why Star Trek Streamers for the name? What does it mean?

No clue… didn’t think of anything better to call it.



What’s the point?

Oh well I get to point fun stuff out, complain about stupid stuff, and you get to do the same. Hit up that comments section.



What do *such and such acronym* mean?


Star Trek Acronym Key

ST – short for Star Trek

TNG – short for The Next Generation (the second Star Trek TV series to air)

DS9Star Trek Deep Space 9

TOSStar Trek The Original SeriesThe Original Series was added by fans to distinguish the very first Star Trek TV series which was simply called Star Trek from the rest of the series which all include the Star Trek name.

ENTEnterprise was the official name of this Star Trek series, although on occasion it was called Star Trek: Enterprise in the show.




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