Star Wars and Legos

While I’m still mad over the prices for the new Star Wars Lego sets based off of the upcoming Star Wars movie… Lego does deserve some credit.


I think it should be mentioned that Lego did not have these cheaper lego sets that include more figures in them when I was a kid. Instead you had to pay $20 plus for a lego set with the equivalent amount of figures (this obviously made building your droid army difficult and galactic domination impossible).

These smaller sets are relatively new (two or three years old now I think) and represent a new way to approach Legos.

Lego seems to have chosen to simplify the sets by reducing the number of pieces while increasing the number of figures included. So while this more than likely reduced Lego’s cost, it also reduced the consumers cost, while increasing the “playability” of the toys… which is pretty important when you think about it. Including more figurines makes Lego even more hands on and imaginative. Kids who don’t like building big sets have greater choice and more ways to play with their legos.

And reduced costs make toys more available to kids of all income levels and lets their imaginations soar. Now you can build yourself a little storm trooper army of lego men without literally spending thousands of dollars like you used to have to.

So while I’m still mad about the prices for the new line of Star Wars legos, Lego deserves some credit for making life a bit easier.

Go to to take a look at all of their Star Wars themed lego sets. Any Star Wars fan will get a kick out of the expanded Star Wars line, and I’m not talking about just the new sets. In the last three or four years Lego has expanded their sets to include so many scenes and vehicles from the Star Wars films the were NEVER included before.

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