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The State of Modern Media in America



Media companies in America are really pushing out some asinine content aren’t they…



I mean honestly… that’s pathetic.


The thought that a large media company that is supposedly focused on ‘real journalism‘ publishes articles like that is just ridiculous.

People go on and on about ‘fake news‘ these days and raise up  ‘real journalists‘ as some kind of magical beings doing the work of gods.

When the Washington Post publishes stupid articles like this… do you really think of them as a trustworthy news source? Are you happy with what you’re getting out of your visit to their website? Is a small time joke really news worthy just because it involves the word “Trump”?

As a society are we actually happy with this kind of asinine behavior or are we merely tolerating it? Are you still seriously surprised that people believe fake news when news companies publish stuff like this? It’s all pretty questionable.


Content like this deserves to live on the internet.

But does it need to be on the websites of media companies that go on and on about how they’re “real” journalists and have godly standards and ethics? Dump Tower? Really?

I think not.


I mean… tumblr exists for a reason.

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