The Billionth Elon Musk / Twitter Opinion

Elon Musk, predictably, has seemingly chosen to not go through with his purchase of Twitter… He even decided to mock twitter’s stance that he’s legally bound to purchase the company through a series of meme tweets. It’s clear he feels he can do whatever he likes.

The courts more than likely will not agree with Elon Musk’s feelings.

It sounds like Twitter’s case is strong, it sounds like Elon’s behavior will carry consequences this time around, and it sounds like a court is going to be necessary to ensure an equitable outcome is achieved… which is exactly why courts exist.

It really is a matter for the courts now.

And there you have it, the billionth Elon Musk opinion.

P.S. I’m not sure memes will go over well with a judge, so there’s a point probably in twitters favor

P.P.S. “The lawsuit points out that Musk responded to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s explanation of the spam estimate by posting a poop emoji.” I’m not sure poop emojis will go over well with a judge either

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