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The Emoji Movie – A Worthless Look Through the Looking Glass

The Emoji Movie… Sony Picture’s desperate attempt at relevance in the modern world???


The Emoji Movie is currently in development and slated for a 2017 premiere. There’s no known plot line as of yet, but what we do know is that Sony Pictures plans on creating a story based off of the various emojis you find on your phone. I suppose we’ll follow the lives of sad face who is… sad, ecstatic face who is always yelling, and winky face who is a pervert.

I can’t help but feel that The Emoji Movie will be nothing more than plain old commercialism and will be completely lacking in uniqueness. Emojis exist to help people express tone and body language in text… Emojis only have context and relevance in that sense. The thought that you can take something that only has value in its usage and spin a plot line around them and come up with a great movie is absurd.

And honestly, The Emoji Movie feels like something a bitter old person who can’t fathom how people use their phones would come up with… Or perhaps something a 16 year old would come up with while bored in math class. Either way, it is not something that was created because somebody went “i know what movie we should make” and felt that feeling of passion in their heart and mind.

This movie will join the ranks of other wonderful Sony Pictures classics such as Pixels… Which amazingly is of a nearly identical concept as The Emoji Movie. It’s almost like Sony Pictures has somebody very bitter working there who can’t stop themselves from making snide movies… Which is quite sad since it displays their shocking fundamental misunderstanding of the modern world.

And while I understand that commentary about current societal trends is a valuable and sometimes fun part of various art forms… The Emoji Movie does not feel like a ‘see through the looking glass’ piece of art. It doesn’t seem like a movie that would have room for reflections on society in any form beyond snide humor. It seems like a piece of commercialism and that’s it.

Why Sony Pictures continues to go with an idea that is universally hated is beyond me. Perhaps this is Sony Pictures’ desperate attempt at remaining relevant in the modern world, perhaps this is the beginning of their death spiral, perhaps they really just don’t care and want to make movies like The Emoji Movie simply because they can.

All I know is that The Emoji Movie doesn’t even have a plot line yet and it’s already on my DO NOT WATCH list.

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