A screen capture of Amazon's Star Wars The Force Awakens marketing email.

The Force Has Awakened… Dun Dun Dun


Dear Amazon.com Customer,

Experience the global phenomenon, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” now available for purchase in Digital HD on Amazon Video. Purchases include access to a feature-length documentary behind-the-making of the movie, deleted scenes, and other spectacular bonus content.

That had to be the most bland and gooberish way to announce that you have Star Wars: The Force Awakens for sale.

Like yeah… such a global phenomenon… woooohooo… wowza…

Anyways, I believe I mentioned a few months ago the release schedule for the most recent Star Wars movies. Disney has moved quickly in the past few months in an attempt to get as much revenue as they possibly can from toy sales and DVD sales. I feel that they fear the next installment in the new Star Wars trilogy will cannibalize (take away) sales from the previous movie if the DVD release is too close to the next theater release.

For fans, this may be terrible news. It shows just how corporate Disney is making the Star Wars franchise… that sort of harsh business first attitude ruins a lot of art for people. It’s sort of like somebody just coming up to you and screaming “GIVE ME MONEY GIMME GIMME GIMME” as you’re trying to enjoy something.

For Disney’s investors, well I suppose you’re getting what you want. The brutal maximization of profits at all costs. As an investor, generally, such considerations as treating your art with respect is irrelevant. Who cares about maintaining coherent plot lines when you can just squirt out a whole bunch of movies really quickly and snatch up people’s $$$.

As a general reminder… the business of art is a very confusing, complex, thing.

And again… Anyways, Amazon your marketing sucks butt. Try harder and phrase things in a more informational manner. Consumers, fans, do not want fake corporate excitement or corporate memos filling their inboxes. We want you to give us the information that makes our lives easier, that makes it easier for us to engage with the art we love, and that saves us time and effort. Next time Amazon, include a brief summary of the different versions available, the prices, and anything else that’s helpful.

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