The Polyjuice Plan


why in deathly hallows did they have everyone polyjuice themselves into harry when harry could have polyjuiced into a muggle and have been driven to safety away from the threat of death eaters who don’t know how to work things in the muggle world

who came up with these plans anyway

Well, Dumbledore and Snape came up with these plans together actually. Snape acting out the plan by planting the idea in Mundungus Fletcher’s head.

And it was necessary to create multiple Harrys instead of just turning Harry into a muggle so as to avoid death eaters and possibly imperious-ed Ministry of Magic workers from noticing Harry’s leaving. They would have swooped down on them… soooo, they created multiple Harrys to make it harder for death eaters to swoop. You can’t overwhelm multiple targets going in all directions like you can a single fake Harry.

Next issue, Death Eaters don’t need to know how things work in the muggle world. They have magic.

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