The President’s Book Club – Proof of Collusion



Sensationalism to earn a buck.

Proof of Collusion is in no way different from all of the books praising Trump and promoting self serving asinine narratives that he constantly tweets about.

This book is merely a way to capitalize on all of the free media attention surrounding Trump and Russia. Because what matters is money and one of the easiest ways to get money is through sensationalism.

While I am not denying it’s possible that Seth Abramson has some genuine, unique, knowledge and insight into the Trump Administration and its possible “collusion” with some Russian Federation agents… I highly doubt it.

Mueller’s investigation is not over, a final report has not been made, and no member of the public truly knows all that occurred during the election.

I am strongly betting that this is truly an empty book like pretty much every other book you’ll find in the President’s book club.

This is all about money.

The truth is still out there.

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