The President’s Book Club – The Russia Hoax

it’s like oprah’s but you know… vastly worse… and doesn’t seem to actually involve reading…

Donald Trump must really love Gregg Jarret’s book to be recommending it for his book club twice in a row! He previously suggested it well over a month ago…

Congratulations to Gregg Jarrett on his book, “THE RUSSIA HOAX, THE ILLICIT SCHEME TO CLEAR HILLARY CLINTON AND FRAME DONALD TRUMP,” going to #1 on @nytimes and Amazon. It is indeed a HOAX and WITCH HUNT, illegally started by people who have already been disgraced. Great book!

As I mentioned previously, the book is incredibly ethically dubious and I guarantee you the only reason it’s being published is to abuse people’s obsession with conspiracy theories. It’s all about money. Which is fitting I guess since the Trump family seems to be all about money and devoid of any intellectual curiosity.

The book is of course like all conspiracy theories in that it uses the lack of information as a way to present itself as truthful. 

Read and believe at your own risk. This has been another insane entry in The President’s Book Club.

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