The Sony 200-600mm G Lens

the 200-600mm lens for E-mount seems to be a very real thing…


I told you so.


SonyAlphaRumors seems to have gotten a tip that the 200-600mm lens is already in development.


Soy 200-600mm FE G:
This lens is in development and should be announced some times AFTER the 400mm f/2.8 GM



So that’d be after August, but hopefully before the end of 2018.


I hadn’t really imagined it before, but I’m guessing the styling of this new lens is going to be similar to the Sony 70-300… with a metal barrel, black coloring, and overall simplistic design.


I also hadn’t really thought about the length of the lens… The slightly narrower focal range than competitors, 200-600mm instead of 150-600mm, may very well be enough to significantly reduce the overall length of the lens. And if you reduce the length you may also be able to reduce the weight.


As a G lens, I still think it’s going to be priced at a ridiculous level. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $1799 sticker on it. I would hope it’d come in at the same or slightly more than the Tamron 150-600mm G2, which is the newest premium consumer offering and costs $1400.

Considering this is a G lens and not a G Master lens, the Sigma Sport 150-600mm lens is not going to be comparable. Optically they may give similar performance, but the Sigma has an overall better build quality than any of the other 150-600mm.

I think the 200-600mm lenses are going to end up being something more unique than originally expected. I think there’s something there, some trick up Canon’s and Sony’s sleeves, that will make these lenses special.

2 thoughts on “The Sony 200-600mm G Lens”

  1. I hope it’s priced competitively with tamrons and sigmas original 150 to 600mm lenses. Who wants to pay $1500 for a lens that probably doesn’t work as well as the original lenses???

    1. It won’t be. It’s Sony after all you have to pay the Sony system premium. It’s probably a $2000 pens.

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