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Theranos – The Movie!!!

On this episode of ‘please dont make that’….

All was going well for Theranos until digging from Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou last fall uncovered problems with the company’s blood testing device, code-named Edison. The machine was said to be able to run more than 200 medical tests using just a few drops of blood from finger-pricks. But Carreyrou’s stories revealed that only one Edison test had been approved by federal regulators, and the company didn’t use the machines for most others.

In Thursday’s interview, Draper implied Carreyrou should get fired for the coverage, saying: “I hope eventually whoever is pulling the wires for the guy at The Wall Street Journal—I hope they finally cut his wires.”

To Draper’s likely dismay, Carreyrou’s coverage of the troubled company is set to be made into a movie, with Jennifer Lawrence taking on the role of Holmes.


Honestly, if you think making a movie out of a series of articles that you can read in 10 minutes is a good idea… then I question your intelligence.

I feel that a Theranos movie is the brain child of a cash hungry person who wants to play off the media coverage of Theranos for free advertising. The fact that issues at Theranos are still ongoing makes it even more ridiculous to make a movie. A movie like this is dependent on knowing the truth of how things happened… how can you know what happened if it’s still happening? That’s very much like making a movie about Enron before even finding out Enron had fuzzy accounting. The movie would just be ‘Enron is big and some people are concerned!!!‘. I doubt a movie on Theranos would really offer anything other than false drama.

I just do not see artistic value in a movie like this, I do not see people walking out of the theater better informed, I do not see any point beyond hype and money.

Is that America’s (Hollywood’s) movie culture now? Just a bunch of hype and money?

Wait… sorry… I realized after asking that that’s a stupid question. Hollywood has always cared more for hype and money… #burned

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