Urban Farmer Seeds – Seemingly Not Worth the Cost

Urban Farmer, despite the cheap advertised prices, is probably not who you should be choosing as your seed supplier… and I’ll tell you why…

Every order I made had to have at least one item refunded because they were out of stock. The products were listed and available for purchase at the time. Interestingly, they did not update their website after informing me that a product was out of stock to reflect the out of stock status. It’s also a tad concerning that a lot of the out of stock items available for purchase also had prices significantly lower than competitors. It feel almost like a bait and switch. It may not be, but it feels that way.

On top of that, refunds are maid manually… by check. Nobody would mind that in general… You’d just go ‘okay it’s a small business accommodations have to be made‘. But because of their other practices, it’s just one more annoying and slightly suspicious thing.

The seeds sent also seem to be of suspect quality. Germination of multiple types of seeds has been relatively poor despite being grown in the exact same spaces with the same seed types from Eden Brothers… which took off.

One seed shipment smelled so insanely badly of a porta-potty that the entire pound of seed was discarded. I mean it was absolutely horrible and smelled exactly like a porta-potty…

So frankly, when you can easily get great quality seeds from Eden Brothers or Johnny’s Selected Seeds… I’m not sure why you’d go to Urban Farmer. I say that as a person who has given them something like $500 over multiple orders… and kind of regrets it. They need to do better.

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