Vice Needs to Grow Up

First off, I’d just like to inform you that you can find virtually all of Vice’s articles on TechDirt and ArsTechnica long before they write about it.

Second, Vice is just downright childish sometimes. So many of their authors seem to approach the entirety of life with a “holier than thou” attitude. Everything is about why they’re right.
It’s about the reinforcement of their own personal views instead of a more welcoming exploration of everybody’s views. Bias and arrogance can be beneficial, but Vice just seem to be bumping things up a notch.

Anyways let’s bullet point Vice’s childishness

  • The authors are extremely arrogant.
  • Buzzfeed like titles.
  • Author’s bias is extreme. They merely write to reinforce their own beliefs.
  • Weak understanding of how systems operate.
  • “killing people is bad” + “oh man we don’t have the right equipment to kill people!!! :(“

And now for some good things because life is not black and white…

  • Maybe 1 in 6 articles are something you won’t find on your standard or even specialist news site
  • Not overly commercial (in the sense that ads are in your face 24/7)

The fact of the matter is, Vice just needs to grow up a bit.

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