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Vox is a Joke

Vox is a joke.

The media is a joke.

Life is a joke.

Everything is a joke.

To prove the point… we have a Vox writer who chose to write a lazy trend driven article that ~ casts aspersions ~ against a random twitter user for his baseball prediction…

How incredible was it that the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, baseball’s two most hard-luck franchises, would meet in the same World Series? Throughout the postseason, as the fates of the two teams converged, a certain prognostication from two years ago kept reappearing on Twitter:

What was a funny curiosity became a sensation the deeper the World Series went. As Game 7 arrived, and as the Indians rallied to tie the game in eighth, sending it to extra innings, and as torrential rain threatened to extend the decisive game indefinitely, @RaysFanGio and his prophecy became the objects of a healthy amount of coverage, a crazy little near-miracle—minus the Four Horsemen part—against the background of the big miracle of a Chicago Cubs championship.

The news-explainer site Vox, however, saw something sinister in the fun. Writer Aja Romano responded to @RaysFanGio with a post under the headline “That viral 2014 Cubs World Series tweet seems too good to be true. That’s because it is.” 

On inspection, Vox’s claim that @RaysFanGio’s work was “an example of a classic confidence scam” contains no evidence that any such scamming took place.

Read the whole thing here: http://deadspin.com/vox-scams-readers-into-thinking-prescient-world-series-1788554988


If you read the whole article you will come to find out that the Vox article really was nothing more than a person claiming “conspiracy!!!” without any kind of proof.


Which is sad. Sad!


Our new, vastly expanding, world of online content is really throwing up a lot of bad apples for rapid consumption by ~ the masses ~.


At least it’s a double-edged sword… at least we now can figure out the sheer level of contempt ‘journalists’ and writers have for ~ the masses ~

Why ever fact check? Ethics, what are those?? I would never claim to be unbiased while secretly leaking information to my favorite politicians!?!


It’s amazing we put up with their bullsquirt honestly.

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