Watching Peep Show in America

So how do you watch Peep Show in America?

You don’t!

Well you do, but it can only be streamed. Kind of.

So if you didn’t know, there are no North American region DVDs of Peep Show because i’m guessing the BBC never thought Americans would watch or even like it….

So Peep Show can currently be streamed on Amazon for free… you used to be able to watch it on Netflix but can’t anymore for whatever reason.

So it sounds like your options are to stream or to stream.

But what if, like millions of Americans and millions of people around the world, you don’t have a fast enough internet connection or are restricted from streaming by heavy handed data caps (here’s looking to you mobile providers and satellite companies).

How can you watch Peep Show then?

It turns out that if I want to watch peep show… You need to purchase a UK box set.

Go to Amazon UK, find Peep Show the complete season box set, and order it from Amazon UK. It can and will be mailed from the UK to you. Takes about two weeks. Even with the currency swap from US dollars to Pounds you will save a significant (50%) amount over buying a set that someone else has imported and listed on Amazon US.

Ah, but now problem number two.

The complete series box set is region locked!

Ahhhhh! We can’t watch it in North America!

Sike. The way around a DVD or Blu-ray region lock is to purchase a universal region Blu-ray player! These players can use any DVD or Blu-ray from any region. All of your UK comedy DVDs can be played on your American TV with one of these babies.

But you’ve never seen a region unlocked Blu-ray player in a store or on Amazon?

Where do you even get it?

You get one from the lovely people at B&H!

B&H has a whole section of unlocked players to meet your needs on their website. I purchased my unlocked Samsung model for $60.

Your player will come with instructions on unlocking it and BAM… that’s it.

Seriously. You can now watch whatever.

All for the low price of $120 US. That’s $60 to get the Peep Show box set shipped to America and $60 for the unlocked player.

Yes, I really paid $120 to watch Peep Show again.

Yes, it is like being back in the past and buying Friends the complete series at Target in 2006 for $180.

If you cannot stream, but genuinely want to watch Peep Show or any other show for that matter, an unlocked player is going to make your life so much better.

Just do it.

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