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What’s the Better Deal at Holland Bulb Farms


And we’re back!

Back to weird pricing that just confuses consumers for no good reason.

So lets do some maths and find out whats the better deal at Holland Bulb Farms…

So which Holland Bulb Farms value bag offers the better value for Tulips?

14 bulbs for $6.57?

Or 50 bulbs for $15?

Value Bag SizePriceCost Per Bulb
146.57~ 46 cents
5015~ 30 cents

Sooooooo obviously the bag of 50 tulip bulbs cost less!

Unfortunately for Holland Bulb Farms, 30 cents per bulb is still a little too much. You can do better at Dutch Bulbs, paying maybe 25 cents per bulb or less if you get them with a discount.

Anyways, the point is that companies are playing games with consumers. Brecks is even worse about this than Holland Bulb Farms, but regardless it seems somewhat inappropriate.

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