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Will There Be a 5th Jurassic Park?

There absolutely will be.

If you didn’t notice, Jurassic World actually ended with a bit of a hidden cliff hanger.
It wasn’t made very obvious (I think because of bad directing and a rushed ending) but there’s this whole plot line in Jurassic World that hasn’t been fleshed out… but could be.

I think our next Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic Park 5, will involve Chris Pratt as the ‘rugged handsome fella’ Owen and Bryce Howard as Claire… Owen’s ‘adventuresome BUT STILL FEMININE’ lady friend. Together they’ll set out to prevent dinosaurs from becoming the next battlefield weapon.

They will come across a monstrous creation of Dr Wu’s (BD Wong) that will rampage around but will eventually be contained in some manner. They will also free a bunch of other dinosaurs being cruelly experimented on. And tuh duhhhh! We have ourselves a movie.

It took me five seconds to extrapolate on all the loose ends in Jurassic World and come up with the plot of Jurassic Park 5… my point is you do not leave yourself that much room in a movie unless you plan on continuing it.

Jurassic Park 5 here we come!


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