Worst Captain Award Goes to Janeway

Captain Janeway has to be the worst captain to ever grace Star Trek.

She is not “headstrong”, she’s an idiot who doesn’t listen to her crew. The writers have her whining and crying because Chakotay dared challenged her. That’s not headstrong.

She is not ethical, she upholds only parts of Federation law that works for her in the moment. God forbid she not screw up the entire universe’s timeline for a single season.

Over and over again the writers of Star Trek Voyager do this setup where Captain Janeway has a chance to get her crew home in the snap of her fingers and she chooses not to because of her “ethics”.

Captain Janeway just sucks. Downright sucks. Gosh bless. Picard would be ashamed of you.


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2 thoughts on “Worst Captain Award Goes to Janeway”

  1. There isn’t enough time in one lifetime to explain why she’s the worst. Power hungry egomaniac, terrible decision making, endangering her crew every chance she gets.

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