You Don’t Know How Good You Got It – Trading Cards In-Store

I constantly see posts from people going into stores and finding discounted trading cards and I’ll tell you what… they have no idea how good they have it.

I live in a place where trading cards have been removed from ALL Targets, ALL Walmarts, ALL Krogers, ALL Grocery stores. The local Costco has two Pokemon products but they’re not on the floor? Go figure.

The only place that sells Pokemon product is Walgreens and they only sell three SKUs at inflated prices. All three SKUs are out of stock. They sell two SKUs for sports cards but they’re from a third party.

So Pokemon is basically nonexistent.

Yugioh is nonexistent.

Sports cards are basically nonexistent.

Magic cards are nonexistent.

It’s crazy how you can’t get simple and popular products anywhere. Presumably they were removed because of crime. People do love to rip open product and steal everything valuable. I think it may even be a hobby for some people. But the complete removal of trading cards across all stores? Craziness.

And it has been this way for so long it’s now crazy for me to think that a person could just get in their car, go to the store, and get some Pokemon product. If you want cards up here you better put in your order quick and wait a week and a half…

It’s such a simple thing but people really have no idea how good they have it.

Update: One Walmart does in fact have trading cards! It’s just that I never thought to look for them with the TOBACCO PRODUCTS! You’re not even allowed back there to look at what’s available. Go figure.

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