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Zeiss 35mm F/2.8 Lens – First Impressions



Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm F/2.8

I recently purchased the Zeiss 35 mm lens for Sony E and FE lens mount cameras (APS-C and Full Frame). After some suffering through some crappy delivery policies from UPS… I finally got the pleasure of unboxing my new fancy pants lens and wow is it a little fella!

Now frankly, I’m not a fan of people ‘reviewing’ lenses after only using it for a week or so. It makes no sense to me… it takes awhile to understand how a lens really functions with your camera out in ‘the wild’ and yet people are making judgments and broadcasting them to the world… what is that?

But despite my dislike of quick ad-driven review culture… that doesn’t mean I can’t offer some first impressions to people while I fully get to know my lens…



  • It’s small on the body
  • It’s very light and compact
  • It focuses extremely quickly



  • So far the only annoyance is this lens’ tendency to have vignetting in all but the brightest conditions.




This lens is fairly expensive and it almost never goes on sale.

I snagged it during the general Sony sale week in September for $100 less than normal ($698 instead of $798). But even then you’re definitely paying a good chunk of change.

But hey, like with all things… price is personal. For you this may not be worth the price, for others it might.


A month of use later… it’s been a nice lens for me. If you’ve got the extra money you might just want to give the lens a try!

2 thoughts on “Zeiss 35mm F/2.8 Lens – First Impressions

    1. If you’re asking about the black coating on the lens… it is in between a shiny black and a matte black. Any light hitting the lens in the dark may be noticeable to you but I highly doubt it’d affect your image or be very noticeable to other people.

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