Zeiss Lens Wipes and Brand Licensing

we all know the zeiss name is synonymous with quality… so why are their wipes so suspect?

Because of brand licensing! Duh!

Previously famous companies that have either turned lazy or bankrupt now rent out their name for other companies to use on their own products.

It’s called brand licensing.

A good example of brand licensing is Polaroid… You’ll find Polaroid splashed on all kinds of products these days and almost all of them are made by different companies. Polaroid gets that sweet, effort free, cash and companies get a brand with a history to make it easier to trick sell to consumers.

But just because an iconic name is on the package that does not mean it’s made by that company or made to the quality standards that made them famous in the first place (no matter what they may claim).

An Example – Zeiss Lens Wipes

Box incorrectly made, lid can’t be shut, so they just smashed it until it fit apparently. Always worried about counterfeits

Story twist paragraph complaining deleted.

So the box I received is either counterfeit or might truly a Zeiss branded monstrosity. I cannot tell.

There are reports / reviews stating that they’ve received what seems to be counterfeit wipes off of Amazon, which is where these wipes came from.

This story was supposed to be about the negatives of brand licensing and instead became a cautionary tale of purchasing things off Amazon.

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